Perimeter Fencing Choose The Right One

How To Choose The Right Perimeter Fence

The perimeter fencing of your site is important. Just as a prison perimeter is the most important security point to keep inmates inside, your work premises or school site perimeter is important to keep members of the public out.

Everything inside your perimeter is under your control, and those within the perimeter should be your workforce or authorised visitors, signed in, and following the rules and procedures in place.

A lot of what happens outside your perimeter is out of your control. There may be adjacent occupied premises, public footpaths and roads, retail, farming, industrial or other land uses.

The precautions you will need to take to secure your site perimeter will be determined by the adjacent land uses.

For example, a site located adjacent to a school or in a busy town centre, is likely to need additional precautions as opposed to one located in a remote location.

Most sites will require a 2m high fence surrounding the entire perimeter, with suitable gated access incorporated within the fencing. Gates should be the same height and securable when open and lockable when closed. Remember that it needs to be correctly fitted, using security type bolts & fittings. It then can only be opened using a special tool ususally supplied by the manufacturers.

Getting the right specification required for your chosen site is often hard for people who are not used to different specifications. Airedale Fencing can help take away those headaches by suggesting correct fencing for particular sites or schools depending on price or different needs of the customer.

Once your fencing is up, remember to assess stability and put extra supports in as required. You should also consider the gaps underneath temporary fencing, and ensure they are on level ground or adapted so that no gap is large enough for a child to crawl under and access the site.

High risk sites, such as those within a city centre, or where previous attempts of trespass have been identified, higher security fencing may be required and can be complimented with addition security toppings or razor wire to manage the risk. On very high risk sites you may need to consider security cameras or security guards to ensure that unauthorised access is prevented.

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