School Security Fencing

The Importance of School Security Fencing

Security and safety in schools is a subject which is never far from the conscience of the headteacher, facilities team, governing body and LEA who all have roles to play in the implementation of an effective school security strategy. Through current government education spending reviews, funding may be available for schools to upgrade perimeter security to the “duty of care” levels commensurate with the school/pupil relationship.

Points to consider regarding fencing:

1.Physical perimeter security measures and effective access control are at the heart of any successful school security. It is imperative that all factors are taken into consideration which might impact on the creation of a secure physical frontline defence. For example, if some pupils gain access to the school via a local footpath it will be important to extend the security architecture to include this access route. The physical security that surrounds a school site needs to be interfaced with intelligent access control solutions.
2.Public safety. Security issues do not relate solely to maintaining the safety of teachers, pupils and visitors. There is also a social responsibility to members of the public who live in close proximity to the school. The aesthetic appeal of a school’s perimeter fencing and gates is also of importance when considering the local community and plays an important role in attracting the right type of response from prospective parents/pupils.
3.Play safe. All fencing, gates and access control solutions must be carefully considered to ensure they are compliant with the stringent safety regulations designed to minimise the risk of accidents.
4.Responsible sourcing. Whilst safety and security will be of paramount importance to the school, decision-makers are also, of course having to factor in the need to make buying decisions which actively reduce the school’s carbon footprint and demonstrate the best use of public funds.  Whenever possible, schools should take a long term view on investment in capital purchases and select products which offer a long life expectancy.


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