Timber Panel Fencing

Why Install Timber Panel Fencing?

Timber fencing is used for a wide range of purposes for both residential and commercial uses, mainly used for residential properties as they provide an aesthetically pleasing and relatively secure boundary demarcation and a very cost-effective price. Panel fencing is suitable for level ground but can be fitted on sloping ground by stepping the panels, for sloping ground a Closeboard fence is more suitable.

Panel Fencing components will comprise of either timber or concrete posts with panels fitted between, these panels can either be lapped (slats running horizontally) or closeboard (slats running vertically).

Lapped Panels are the cheapest option of full panel timber fencing but are not recommended for exposed locations or sloped ground as life expectancy is not as long as closeboarded fencing

All Timber Panel fencing is formed with FSC-Certified timber sourced from managed resources, and is supplied pressure treated


Prior to any installation of panel fencing you must ensure that you have sufficient materials to complete the work, accurately measure the distance that you require to fence, taking note of any end posts that may be required.

From these measurements you can determine the number of posts required based on the centres of the posts, standard lapped or closeboard fence panels are 1.8m so post centres must be set at this, Make sure that you remember an extra post to end the run or if any special corner posts are required. Panel fencing can be fitted between either timber or slotted concrete posts.

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