What to Consider When Building a Chain Link Fence – Our Guide

Why Install a Chain Link Fence

Fences are essential for every property. They serve to establish boundaries and make sure the people who live there have privacy and security. Setting and installing a fence in a property can be beneficial for all types of families, as having a fenced-in area will give children and their pets a place to play in.

Of all the available fencing options, the chain link fence is the most versatile. It will fit any home. Whether your home does not have a fence, or there’s a rusty one that needs to be replaced, installing a chain link fence is a necessary process that will put the finishing touches on a home’s appeal and ensure the safety of those who live there.

Essential steps in building a chain link fence

However, while most people think that putting up a chain link fence is pretty simple, it’s actually a procedure that requires careful planning for proper installation. It’s more than just taking a few square feet of chain links, attaching them to poles, then sticking them into the ground. When putting up a chain link fence, there are a few things you need to consider before you head to the hardware store and get the necessary materials: 

1. Brush up on your city or town’s regulations

The worst thing that could happen to your chain link fence is that you’ll have to tear it down right away after you set it up and pay a hefty fine for a violation you never knew about. Planning and constructing a fence can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, so it’s best to ensure that your hard work won’t go to waste. Read up on the rules and regulations set by your city or town regarding fences. Ask your homeowner’s association for information as well.

2. Inquire about certain details, restrictions, or regulations on certain components

Along with doing research your city or town’s rules and regulations regarding fences, you should also find out if any restrictions were placed on these following components of a fence:

  • The height of the chain-link fence
  • The building materials used to construct the fence
  • How far the chain link fence is from the sidewalk or street 

Any problems with these components can get your fence taken down, so do yourself a favor and ensure that you won’t have any trouble by familiarizing yourself with the rules you’re supposed to adhere to.

3. Take note of the effects of your area’s climate on your materials

One of the common errors that people usually make when putting up a fence is that they fail to consider the effects of their area’s climate on the durability, appearance, and quality of their fence. Clients who live in humid or rainy areas may find that their chain link fences rust more easily, which means they may have to replace it earlier than usual, and colder climates can take a toll on certain materials that make up your chain link fence (or the fence itself in general).

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